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Do Nothing Americans

Dec 19, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

We have all heard and read how the American adult vacationer wants adventures, experiences, learning classes when taking a few days off from work. But according to a new survey by the Associated Press, what Americans really want to do while on vacation is: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Spiker Insights

Three-fourths of respondents said resting and relaxing is very or extremely important to them when they go on vacation. And they don’t want to do nothing at home; they want to be some place special to do nothing.                   

Most Americans say staying home and doing nothing isn’t ideal. They want a change of scenery. More than half of those polled said relaxing at home doesn’t count as a real vacation. I can still remember my mother telling me back in 1967 when the family was on a nine-week trip across the West in a truck camper that it wasn’t a vacation for her − the cooking, cleaning, sharing the driving and etc. She just wanted me to know not to treat my future wife like a vacation slave. Thanks Mom.