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New Age of Storytelling

The Facts

We all hear the word “Storytelling” in our business. It’s gotten so over used that most people can’t actually tell a story anymore. As marketers, we are all part of the ancient, campfire-born traditions − not Blazing Saddles after a plate of beans, but something more like Dances with Wolves waiting for the buffalo herds to arrive.

Spiker Insights

The ability to share stories has never been greater what with home entertainment systems bringing high-quality sound and visuals into our homes, automobiles and mobile devices. Modern audiences have a seemingly insatiable appetite for high-quality visuals, music, sound effects and the human voice (James Earl Jones, Richard Dreyfus). We in marketing have to keep pace as we fight for the audience’s attention. Not only do we as an industry carefully craft these stories, we do so often with over direction on the client’s part to use nothing but drone footage or videos with no gifted storytellers of writers and voice actors. Sure it’s cheaper, but it lacks the power of great stories and makes a difference in our customers’ lives. You’re not telling a story, you are merely showing a quick travel guide.

At our agency, we invest in real stories and in the storytellers who have a vocational desire to craft them. We are also advocates for embracing the new, the fresh, and the break-out-of-the-box sameness. Each of our stories has its own requirements, its own need to be told in a certain way. As such, a fresh idea and creative copy can help us tell it better and fresher and bring the story to life in a way only we can. As technology and the multi-platform evolution continues, we are living in an exciting new age of storytelling.