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What We’ve Done

We see ourselves as a special kind of marketing firm that solves complex client communication problems.

Chuck Schwab hired on-the-ground managers to develop Stock Farm in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, and they came in with a name recommendation the Montana team just didn’t care for. It was Spanish in origin, and we thought we could do something else that was authentic to the site. The original Marcus Daly thoroughbred horse breeding and training center was named: Bitter Root Stock Farm, so we recommended shortening that. We took it a step further by using the upside-down horseshoe Mr. Daly’s ranch used (Marcus Daly didn’t need any luck), and that’s how the name and logo came about.

We created branding films for our client, including this one on the pressing national interest in food transparency.

In addition to this film highlighting the amazing fruit farmer we also created a series of films on a new apple variety: “Sugarbee™,” cherry harvesting, the heritage of the Washington apple farmer, and on the pressing national issue of foreign workers.

Leveraging video is a powerful strategy to promote, brand and grow business. One third of online activity is spent watching video.

We challenge traditional thinking and help lead change.

Spiker Communications has one rule: Craft great work for people we like. We don’t see our clients as clients. We see them as partners. And they see us as part of their internal marketing team. Collaborative relationships are fun. And when you’re having fun, great ideas happen. After all, we are all working toward the same goal.

Innovative work and incredible results.

Great PR is a game-changer and we like to put the odds in our favor.

When dealing with national press on potential publicity features, you’ve got to give them something they’ve not seen or done before. With USA Today we gave them a private ranch story but with two private ranch communities, Stock Farm Club in Montana, and Storm Mountain Ranch in Colorado. They loved it, but they held the story until Labor Day weekend that year. And when it was published, Storm Mountain still had three $2.1 million homesites for sale − well they were all spoken for later that Friday sight unseen, and Stock Farm sold five $1-million homesites also unseen that day alone.


Creating a brand name is not simple. Let us repeat that: it is not simple at all. We have a creatively agile yet analytical approach to creating brands. Here are a handful of brands we have created:

  • SugarBee™Apple
  • Clear Creek Tahoe
  • Rocky Mountain Homes
  • Stock Farm
  • Renegade
  • Querencia