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Who We Are

We are proactive. Artful. Outspoken. Probing. Candid. Tenacious. Questioning.

We are determined to be a different kind of agency with a different view of the world and with a bolder vision on how to seize opportunities, turn brands around, and propel brands forward. Read The Dive.

We started Spiker Communications on August 1, 1983. A few things to remember on how we are different.

We’ve always had strong intuition when telling great stories and that is never truer than with our own story. To tell a great story, you first have to live it – and for us that’s the Well Lived Life.

We cut our teeth in the big-agency life and worked for some of the largest accounts on the West Coast − at the end of the Mad Men era. We’re from a long line of independent spirits who worked for themselves. So in 1981, we left the rat race and set up shop in Missoula, Montana, trading our suits for hiking and wading boots.

Spiker Communications never has been one to become pigeonholed by our location. Millions of miles on our flight cards and plenty of stamps in our passports have given us dynamic experiences. We’ve had clients in three countries and over 20 states. Our Well Lived Life has taken us fishing and skiing at the best places in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Kamchatka, Russia, to the Patagonia regions of Chile and Argentina. It’s also filled our bellies with the best apples, cherries and pears the world has to offer. And that’s just during work hours.

A river does run through it.

40th Anniversary Intl. Wildlife Film Festival Wild Walk Parade.

In a world with near infinite choices, Missoula is a very creative community but unique in that people aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty working hard and then hit the river after work for some of the best fly fishing and boating. We built a modern log home in the mountains, just 15 minutes from the local ski hill and 15 minutes from the office.

It really depends on knowing your audience.

“We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.” We applied this experience to create a message to the country’s 1% and where they migrate at Christmas – to the Rocky Mountain ski capitals. Lifestyle centric, ½-page, double-truck ads in Aspen, Vail and Telluride newspapers on Christmas day, and companion digital display ads propelled by geo-targeting and direct engagement to branded landing pages.

It’s better to be different. To us, it’s not advertising you need, it’s communication.

It’s a multi-disciplinary effort to add value to your story through a variety of marketing tactics, channels and messages. We believe in working for courageous companies, as we can tell you that the same boring slot in your category is already filled in a sea of sameness.

Here’s to some of the believers.

After lunch one day at Bay Hill in Orlando, I mentioned to Mr. Palmer that my game was coming around except for my putting and reading greens. Well he insisted we head out immediately for the practice area to give me a putting lesson. Here I am standing with Mr. Palmer in the practice area watching him drain putt after putt, and then he handed me his putter to do the same. Needless to say, I didn’t have the same results, but I’ll never forget his kindness and gentle approach. – Wes
We want to do right by our clients.

We want to do right by our clients.

We also work with those living the Well Lived Life whether it’s the late, great Arnold Palmer, tenacious fruit farmers in Washington State, or the amazing Special Olympics Montana athletes. They say make the life you want to live and we’ve done just that. The Well Lived Life is the common thread.

Big creative ideas may not be marketing ideas at all, but business-building ones.

We shun the traditional agency model of all things to all people and selling yesterday’s services and solutions to clients. We foster a culture of partnership in which clients are represented in a collaborative environment by cutting the traditional crap and b.s. thereby ensuring our select clients have a transformative and competitive tactical edge.