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Don’t Panic, It’s Just Hysteria.

The Facts
I’ve been quiet this year, just taking it all in from the pandemic doomsday forecasts of how marketing will be changing. It’s amazing to me how many in our industry are proclaiming that the coronavirus and resulting shut down will change everything in this country, and perhaps the world forever.

Spiker Insights
I beg to differ. The economy will recover and return to pre-crisis normal quickly. Humans do not fundamentally change quickly, and they want to return to their pre-crisis lives as soon as possible. Day-to-day life is returning in areas that opened earlier than more hard hit areas, it’s basic human nature that humans do not change that much over short periods of time. Fundamental change happens incrementally and any significant change takes significant time. There will be no “New Normal,” history says so when you look back at earlier pandemics, world wars, gas shortages, airplane crashes, recessions, depressions and other life-changing events. It is my position that people will joyfully return to their routines as soon as they can; a temporary pandemic cannot change human beings overnight. My recommendation is to think calmly and rationally to determine what exactly the pandemic will change for you and our industry and make a few adjustments if you feel they are necessary.