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We’re From Here, Not There.

The Facts
In last week’s e-mailer, we showed a film we produced titled: You’re From Montana? If you missed it, we shared factual and humorous insights on living and doing business in Montana. To be truthful, we left dozens of additional insights on the cutting room floor, as we wanted to keep the film to four minutes in length. But the viewers got a good idea of what it’s like to live and work from Montana. We have clients all over the country, Mexico, Caribbean and even a new client in Germany that we greatly enjoy working with. We are asked all the time, how do we do it, being from Montana? First of all, we are not Montana natives, everybody here came from someplace else, and the experience they learned in a big city or on a large national account was experience you can’t learn in school. We just choose to reside in Montana because we love Montana. And those who watched the film last week saw examples of activities and experiences we have whenever we want it and not just on a few days of vacation.

Spiker Insights
We’ve spent years building an agency filled with talented people who wanted the freedom to create anything. Not just ads and brochures, but to build brands that make a real difference. We shun the traditional model of how to market and advertise our clients’ products, especially upscale real estate. We’ve built an agency to reflect the way people today consume brands and content. We focus across all forms, channels and venues. We are an agency built for today’s modern marketer as everything has changed, have you?

We are an innovation-driven marketing agency that focuses on an idea-centric strategy and lives where digital, content and innovation collide to build world-class brands. It just so happens to be in Missoula, Montana, and we can’t imagine a better place to work and live.

I hope you will consider us a part of your next team project. Thanks.