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We Need To Start Inspiring Again

The Facts
By now, like most of us, you’re no doubt more than a little sick of pandemic marketing. I know I wouldn’t mind a break from seeing automobile messages telling me how I can purchase a car contact free. It’s July now, and I still don’t want a new car, whether it is contact free or not. You, Mr. & Mrs. Car Dealer are not here for me in my time of need, you need to move expensive inventory off your lot and you think I’m dumb enough to help you out.

Spiker Insights
But heading into August, it’s time to smash the mirror and get back to what marketing does best – inspire, entertain and motivate. We need strong brands to show us the lives we want to live again; to help us feel something different; to create new ways for us to look at the world; and above all to provide us experiences and products that make us feel good, without purchasing a new car without human contact.

As marketers, we cannot stop selling. We need to produce more. We need to sell more experiences as we are tired of gazing out the window daydreaming of travel and vacations, whether it be a drive to a destination or a roll of the dice to fly someplace special like Hawaii. We all know we will hit the road and airways again − this is just an inconvenient pause. It’s our right to own second homes, visit exotic locales, get sand between our toes, and burn the first layer of skin off our nose.

It’s not the time to panic. It’s the time to be more strategic, more thoughtful, and listen to your customers more than you ever have before. We need brands to be brands. Be active, relevant to the current climate, yet still be on brand and turn this thing around.

I hope you will consider us a part of your next team project.