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Size Does Matter

The Facts
It’s true in many cases that size matters: offensive linemen, builders of major dams, Federal government (although that one is for debate), airlines, cruise ships, and the military to keep us all safe and secure. But according to a few experts on size, small is the new advantage.

Spiker Insights
In my experience − and I used to work for the largest agency in the world when I was starting out − large agencies are too slow, with too many layers of bureaucracy. And due to their overhead costs, they will literally work with anybody to get billing for the young people they are training to be an important part of the agency within a few years.

Smaller, or boutique, agencies are typically described as nimble and scrappy and only have one team of people most firms would refer to as the “A Team” of specialists and experience, and not a jack-of-all-trades generalist. Things get done faster allowing the smaller agency and their clients to keep pace with the speed of change in the market. Actually when it comes right down to it, clients are only working with a small group or handful of people. But clients are being billed for the entire staff overhead, office space rent in prime locations, and generous compensation programs and benefits for the old jack-of-all-trades generalists on staff.

So whom would you rather work with today?

And as a small boutique agency, just by showing our creative problem-solving talents, our results, our costs and the value and service we bring to the table, it’s obvious that large size doesn’t mean anything at all.

I hope you will consider us a part of your next team project.