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Celebrating Unity and Diversity?

Feb 6, 2019 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts
You no doubt saw that Coca-Cola had one commercial associated with the big football game a week ago. And it only ran before the national anthem. Because, in their words, they aimed to bring people together to celebrate their differences. They felt that running it within the game, America’s divisive culture would take over and ruin the moment for their message of Unity and Diversity. It was Coke’s hope that the viewers would come together as a country to sing our national anthem in unison across this great land.

Spiker Insights
Who do they think they are kidding? A majority of the dissension in this country involves our national anthem with football players not standing or even being present on the field during the playing of the song. Also, a majority of Americans think the big game is an inappropriate place for advertisers to make political statements. We want to watch football and not be reminded of the government shut down or what the Washington rats are up to. And not to mention the hassles of getting all the food and beverage out on the table prior to the kickoff, and the last bathroom break till half time. It’s a busy time right before the playing of our national anthem. I think Coke tried to be too PC and missed out on its opportunity to be heard and noticed.