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You Remain Behind The Times

The Facts

Recent research studies report that half of all U.S. websites are over three years old and are so slow-loading that they’re turning people off from even looking at them. And Smart Phones can’t even link in to many of them these days. And then there is the out-of-date content that won’t impress anybody reading it, not even your mother. Patience runs very thin in today’s “I Want It Now” mentality, with Amazon and others promising product delivery by this afternoon. And people also expect your content to be up to date, available on their phone, and featuring information on what you are marketing.

Spiker Insights

When your clients and prospects go online, it’s critical that they have a positive encounter with you. Today, more so than ever before, your online traffic is being turned off by slow and outdated websites, intrusive banner ads, and an overall clunky user experience which defeats the purpose of getting online customers and prospects. Many of these issues can be addressed today if you are willing to invest in updating your online presence by anticipating people’s viewing habits, phone usage, and understanding how they prefer to interact with you – which is online, and via their smart phone if you can handle that.

Today, 98% of U.S. consumers and prospects start their conversations with you via online, and most of it is via their smart phone. Websites and social media have made cowards out of us all. We don’t want to talk to anyone until we spend a few quality minutes online to become “self-taught experts” on you and your brand before they even want to talk with you. Sad, but true.

We hope to hear from you if you need a fresh kickstart to your online efforts to not only bring it up to speed, but ahead of the game and your competition.