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You Can Change Anything!

The Facts

It’s political season and now until early November every television break will have up to six political commercials in it, with the majority of them being negative about one candidate or another. Usually it airs right before or after a commercial extolling the benefits of the same candidate how they deserve your vote.

This cluster is the same feeling your target audience sees when they look at magazines, websites and other media channels when looking for you and your competition. If you were in their shoes, would you even look at this? I was reviewing the latest issues of Mountain Living and the first 23 pages were ads for architects, projects and landscapers, and they truthfully all looked alike.

Spiker Insights

We’re here to tell you, because we’ve seen it work time and time again, but creativity can change everything about your business and sales efforts. In fact, we have seen incredible results, especially this year when the world has tilted off its axis for a time. Cutting through all the noise and clutter of same old boring messages is what is required today. Being disruptive, causing a mild case of shock and awe is what you should be striving for in today’s “me-too” culture. Consumers are looking for vitality and a willingness to be different from the majority of the generic offerings. By willing to be different and perhaps a little edgy, you are reminding everyone why you’re such a great brand and people like to do business with great brands.

We hope to hear from you if you need a fresh kickstart to your business, as in addition to a leading developer of creativity we also are strategic advisers to the industry.