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It’s Not Enough To Be Right

The Facts
We all try to be 100% right in everything we do. We have spellcheck on our word processors; we have legal review our documents before signing; we are trained to use footnotes to clarify any passage in our documents; and we don’t try to sneak liquids in our carryon baggage through TSA screenings. But today when building brands, being right all the time is not enough. Today you also have to be effective.

Spiker Insights
One of the great challenges in building brands is knowing enough about a subject to think you’re right, but not enough about the subject to know if you’re wrong. The goal we have at Spiker Communications is to train our minds to see the project and brand differently, to question what others say. More times than not a client is too close to the brand to objectively discuss its advantages and disadvantages with us, so we go into every new client with a degree of skepticism.

We all have a bias, many of them in fact. Search engines on the Internet are the epitome of confirmation bias – you can make any point stick based on the Internet. Where we like to start is with The Truth, followed by Inquiry, then Skepticism, then engaging our Audience, and finally ensuring we have Effective Communications up to our standards. You see it’s not enough to just be right – we also have to be effective. It’s important to learn how to not only engage an audience today, but it’s crucial that we spark curiosity and inspiration. That’s what separates the “me toos” from the “professionals.”

I hope you will consider us a part of your next team project.