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Dos Equis Goes Down in Flames

Apr 4, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

Nothing has given most of us in the agency world greater pleasure this year than watching Dos Equis go down in flames. They had struck it rich with the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign − reports are that it tripled their sales during its initial run − but the incompetent marketing professionals, just like the ones at L.L. Bean that we talked about last week, destroyed it.

They replaced the brilliant cast star of the campaign because he was too old. Of course, today you can’t talk about people being too old to work or you’ll be sued out of business. So they came up with the marketing nonsense of, and I quote: “Our millennial drinker has changed quite dramatically. We just want to make sure that the story evolves.”


It evolved all right. The new campaign with the younger character they spent months casting for around the world is an unmitigated disaster. Then they did what comes naturally to clients, they fired their long-time agency that came up with the original campaign, and who fought the client on replacing the original character. And now, Dos Equis announced they were dropping the whole “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

Spiker Insights

Great ad campaigns are precious and rare. They are fragile and easily destroyed by unwise marketing professionals who believe everything they read in the trades and hear from their so-called friends in the business. When a creative idea catches fire, keep everybody away from it, especially the marketing professionals and the people on the edge of the company who want their voices heard. All they can do is muck it up.