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It’s Better To Be Deaf

Jul 18, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts
71% of American consumers think ads are more intrusive than they were just three years ago, with 79% saying they’re appearing in more places. The majority of domestic marketers are missing opportunities to enhance their brand’s effectiveness by up to 57%, as less than half of tested campaigns (46%) use multichannel strategies according to recent research. 98% of marketers said their efforts are integrated and well understood across channels, but just 58% of consumers agreed. So you see the problem.

Spiker Insights
This report highlights a significant disconnect between what consumers expect from multichannel ad campaigns and what marketers are actually delivering. As with everything else marketing, campaigns need a strong central idea with coherent and consistent imagery and messaging across platforms to avoid fragmentation and yield consistent positive results.

The fix is simple really. This signals the need for marketers to design compelling campaigns around a fascinating single idea. This makes for a better understanding of how to reach consumers in unobtrusive and creative ways on the platforms or channels where consumers are most receptive to your message. Otherwise, you risk encouraging further adoption of technology like ad blockers or just having your audience tune you out all together.

The choice is yours, continuing boring customers into a coma, or reach for the stars.