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A Million A Day

Aug 1, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

Amazon sold more than one million smart-home devices (Alexa) on July 17, the second day of its 36-hour Prime Day event, making it the biggest sales day for smart-home devices in the e-commerce giant’s history.

Spiker Insights

Amazon has been pushing aggressively into the smart-home market. Some sources claim these devices are now in 25% of all U.S. homes. As I’ve written several times already this year, Alexa is getting smarter and smarter, and we are all getting more comfortable with allowing her to handle more tasks for us.

I can’t stress enough that it would be our recommendation to get on board with Alexa and get comfortable with talking to a machine, making requests of her, testing its limits. Your clients and potential customers will be relying on it for recommendations if not now, in the very near future. Buy a couple of them, keep one for yourself, and let your management team experiment with Alexa so everyone in a decision-making roll is comfortable with Alexa. Alexa is going to be game changer for all of us.