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Be Non-Traditional

The Facts
Part of the reason many marketers and their agencies continue to produce traditional solutions to marketing problems is because they continue to use the same traditional methods of problem solving − got to have a website right away, followed by a social media campaign to drive traffic to the new site, etc.   We can’t continue to use the same methods and approaches and expect to get different results than we what got last year or the year before.

Spiker Insights
The next time you have a new project, try some of the following methods of thinking and working differently.

  1. Don’t start with the marketing, start with the product. Look for marketing opportunities in the way the brand was designed, constructed and sold.
  2. Focus on how consumers come in contact with the brand, not just how they come in contact with the marketing.
  3. Focus on what consumers do instead of what they say. Instead of just using conventional research, what kind of new and useful insights can we get by observing behavior?
  4. Develop a channel plan instead of a media plan. What channels can you use to reach consumers in ways that might be more effective than traditional media?
  5. Make the channel as relevant as the message.
  6. Don’t just optimize media, invent it.
  7. Devote creativity to how and where brand messages are delivered, not just what they say.
  8. Make every idea sticky. Get the target audience to not only pay attention, but to participate.
  9. Help not only develop the brand promise, but deliver it.
  10. Build the internal brand as well as the external brand. Internal audiences are critical to the success of the brand.

There are of course more where that came from. If you are interested in learning more of the Non-Traditional Way, send me an e-mail and I’ll get them out to you.