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Do You Speak Creativity?

Sep 5, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

I write about this because although there is a lot of talk about technology and data and how marketing is changing. I’ve covered it in this column numerous times just this year alone. But what hasn’t changed is a ritual that happens every day – the pitch. It all comes down to one human being understanding the ideas of another. It may be in person, or via a website or e-mail, maybe a short video or a billboard outside their office window.

Spiker Insights

The most stressful moment in our lives happens daily, the pitch. We’ve all heard that the average sale begins with seven “nos.” So, a lot of us are getting it wrong. This is going to become a larger problem moving forward. Think of how the job landscape will change in the future. Jobs that can be replicated by an algorithm will disappear. Creativity is a vocabulary many more people and companies are going to have to learn to understand, and more importantly, value.

There is always a need for a continual source of new ideas. People get bored fast these days and are always wondering what’s next. So we as marketers are going to have to speak the language so we can create and shape the world we want. If we don’t, the world will be shaped for us and we know how that usually turns out for us.