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It’s Sink or Swim Time

Nov 28, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

It’s a digital world. Technology and data are givens today with marketing directors. At the end of the day, clients only want folks like us to help them transform their business, amplify the love for their brand, and sell boat loads of product; plus stick to the estimate, provide them 45 days until the invoice is paid, and don’t rock the boat.

Spiker Insights

As technology and digital media are democratized, we all have access to the same exact things. It’s how you embrace and apply digital and technology that makes the difference. And that is how lies the power of being creative. Not just in messaging, but in how we manage all available, and perhaps unavailable, channels that will allow brands to grow by out-thinking and thus out-performing the competition. Time after time, creativity has separated the real winners like HBO, Nike and Disney from the runners up or even the has-beens. Anybody remember Blockbuster? Netflix thought creatively and Blockbuster is now in the grave.

Creativity needs to be non-negotiable in any organization. The most successful brands are those that have out-thought and out-played the competition with breakthrough creativity, and are willing to go to the next level, perhaps where nobody has been before.

We work with a collaborative gang here that genuinely believes in the power of creativity. And creativity is not proprietary to the creative department, but more of an overall spirit that drives everyone here whether they’re in tech, data, digital, media or new business. By having an entire organization focused on a shared mission, great work happens. Are you ready to sink or swim with having a better idea than just following the crowd?