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Get Emotional

Feb 13, 2019 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

By now we should all know that people tend to choose brands quickly, using their intuitive brain rather than rationally thinking this through with their deliberative brain. Most purchases in a grocery store for instance are made on instinct and habit. Mom bought Crest, Cheerios and Band Aids for you growing up, and you still use Crest, Cheerios and Band Aids today. Brand choices are driven primarily by emotion, feeling and consistent experiences.

Spiker Insights

People still don’t make brand choices based on logical arguments (as many in our industry still like to believe), rather the more you feel for a brand, the more likely you will be loyal to those brands. I’m a Disney guy. It never even occurs to me to consider Universal Studios. To me, Big Sky is the best ski resort in the country − been to Aspen and all the others, but prefer the runs and the attitude of Big Sky. It takes a strong credible reason for people to change their attitude toward a brand. If the favorable brand keeps building its brand’s emotional experiences with me, I don’t ever see me or anyone else change their brand preferences. So stay the course and build emotion into your marketing and don’t ever screw it up.