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Use a Narrow Net

Aug 22, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

Weirdly we try to appeal to absolutely everyone in the universe, saying nothing that might alienate even the tiniest micro-segment, and this guarantees that we actually resonate with no one. Instead of widening your net, narrow it and focus on the audience who would be your best customers. These are your people and you need to communicate with them with what they expect and want to hear from you. Sounds simple, but time and time again marketers want everyone − and they can’t have everyone.

Spiker Insights

Two things define your ideal prospects:

  1. They’re the people MOST likely to purchase your product or service. Not a little more likely, dramatically more likely for a whole host of reasons.
  2. They’re the customers most likely to love you once they do buy. This is not the same as the first group. They’re the people for whom your products or services are a perfect fit.

Ideal prospects don’t just differ from “pretty good prospects” in one or two ways; they’re different in about a dozen ways. Once you can focus in on who your best prospects are, every marketing decision you make becomes a lot clearer and you aren’t refusing to sell to anyone else, you’re just laser-focusing on ideal prospects. Others loitering nearby will hear that conversation, and some will be compelled by it to become ideal prospects themselves. Still others will continue to approach the edge of your sales funnel, and some will fall in.

If you need a little help in identifying and communicating with your best prospects, feel free to give us a call and let’s discuss your situation, as we may be able to help you