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Turns Out, Most Of Us Want To Save The World.

Dec 26, 2018 | The Dive | 0 comments

The Facts

When Al “I invented the internet” Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth reached theatres in 2006, words like “sustainability” and “environmentalism” were not at the forefront of people’s minds. But since then, we have been overrun with natural disasters, pollution, plastic clogging our oceans, and rising sea levels.

Amid all of these signs of a changing earth, people have warmed up to the idea that corporate practices must change, and not stocking plastic straws is strong enough.

Spiker Insights

A recent Nielsen report finds that 81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. This growing desire for corporate accountability is most popular among millennials, but it’s attractive among older generations as well. 72% of Baby Boomers, and 65% of respondents who were 65 or older felt it was extremely important, or very important, that companies introduce initiatives to benefit the environment. The overall sentiment is that if we save the world, we are saving ourselves.

It’s obvious to me that marketers can’t stay silent, and we shouldn’t be afraid to try and effect change. This holiday season is the time to start, and let’s be the change.